My name is Maria Luisa Campodonico. I am a high school teacher and founder of  &   brands.  Passionately committed to making change in the lives of the most vulnerable children from Canada and around the world. Kids in the developing world dream of good health, free education, clean water, good nutrition, medical and school supplies. Even many children in the developed world are lacking many of these essentials. Therefore, after many years of working on different initiatives to help our local, and international children/youth, have a better quality of life, together with family manpower, resources and unconditional support from all stakeholders, we have created our unique fashion line and beauty care products, which will not only provide the customer with beautiful designs, high quality, comfort and natural beauty care essentials; but at the same time, will directly contribute to organizations that are committed to improving the quality of children's lives.  Our mission is to donate 5% of every pre-tax  sale to organizations that strive to make children's dreams a reality. Today, you can sponsor our most vulnerable children, youth, and their families with your purchase.  Make a unique fashion & caring statement by wearing our signature Monarch Butterfly shoe outsole designs, or any products with the MALU or LUMALU logo,(CANADIAN BRANDS) feel wholesome for the contribution, and support you are providing to a charity serving your local and or global community.


" a charity in your community"